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Exit : HMY

Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of the KCO III and Altercap II funds into the senior debt issued by HMY was repaid at par following the sale of the Company to LBO France.

New deal: Eolane

Kartesia announced today that it acquired part of the outstanding debt of Eolane as well as contributed to a new liquidity injection in the group, alongside deal sponsor Hivest Capital.

New deal : Ecore

Kartesia announced today that it invested into Ecore, alongside HIG Capital investment.

Restoring Foraco’s foundations for the future

Foraco, a leading global mineral drilling services company facing the headwinds of industry-wide overcapacity

New deal: Antalis

Kartesia announced today that KCO IV acquired part of the outstanding senior debt of Antalis, in which Kartesia is also involved through its KCO III fund making of Kartesia a key stakeholder of the company.


Leading player in the distribution of automotive and commercial vehicle spare parts with the #2 position in both France and the UK.


Generale de Sante is the leading private hospital operator in France.

Exit : STACI

Staci is a specialized logistics service provider of integrated B2B logistics, such as advertising and promotions management, company stores and out of production purchases.


HDO is by far the #1 shopping center jewelry retail chain in France, operating c.500 stores across the country.


Materis is a leading European manufacturer of specialty building materials, mostly targeting the refurbishment and construction end markets with high value-added products, such as admixtures, aluminates, mortars and paints.