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Lise Campforst Analyst at Kartesia

How did you come to join the investment team at Kartesia?

D&I at Kartesia
We accelerated our engagement in Diversity & Inclusion at Kartesia 12 months ago, when we launched a D&I program, including the Kartesia For Women Initiative.
KFWI Aleksandra Livinskaia

Tell me how you came to join Kartesia?


Kartesia launched the Kartesia for Women initiative in 2020. The objective is mainly to inspire women to join the private debt industry, especially in investment roles.

Clémence Girard - Jeannet
We delve into the heart of our business and speak to Clemence Girard-Jeannet, the first woman to have joined our deal team back in 2018, on her experiences of working on investments. She forged the path as there are now several women in the deal team!