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Kartesia CSR
We are pleased to announce that Kartesia has been granted the scoring of A from the UNPRI for our Strategy & Governance for the second year in a row.
kartesia is carbon neutral

Last year, Kartesia updated its key stakeholders on how it was working to integrate ESG screening and climate change credentials throughout its portfolio.

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Kartesia proudly participated in the first report of the UN PRI on the private debt market, published yesterday in recognition of the increasing levels of commitment from private debt signatories.


According to the piece of research commissioned by the PRI “How ESG engagement creates value for investors and companies”, a growing number of investors are undertaking corporate engagement and exercising their rights as shareholders to influence


Today, climate change is clearly a major and pressing topic for worldwide societies, but also one of the highest priority ESG issues facing investors.

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Kartesia signed the PRI in 2014 and in the context of being an active signatory, we joined their RI in Private Debt Project.