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Fundraising Update


Fundraising Update

Kartesia Advisors welcomes a new institutional investor to Kartesia Credit Opportunities I (“KCO III”), putting the total size of the fund at 415 million euros. KCO III’s investors are mainly based in Europe and in North America. Institutional investors account for over 96% of Kartesia’s LPs.

As Laurent Bouvier, Managing Partner at Kartesia views it:

Our original investors came back during KCO III’s fundraising, because they followed our track record and are confident in our investment strategy. Even if the target size of the fund is capped at 500 million euros, we are European at our core, contrary to most our competitors who are local champions. Major institutional investors known as opinion-leaders also entitled Kartesia with their trust, which means a lot to us.

Laurent Bouvier - Managing Partner

Laurent Bouvier

By the end of October, KCO III’s had invested 27% of its committed capital.