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Why we launch Insight Kartesia


Why we launch Insight Kartesia

Dear Limited Partners, dear Friends,

Kartesia just celebrated its first anniversary.

Much has been accomplished in such a short timeframe and yet a lot more is still to be achieved. In this context, the team thought it was a good time to launch “Insight Kartesia”, our bi-annual newsletter. In addition to sharing what we learn while doing business, our key objective is to set this privileged media at the centre of our partnership with our investee companies, clients, investors and business partners. We truly hope this dialogue will prove sincere, lively and instructive.

As a general partner, when discussing investment opportunities, we often end up debating about the “value of time”. Recent macro-economic developments have put a lot of pressure on fixed income yields in Europe. According to the most recent market consensus, liquidity, and by consequence the time allocated by liquidity providers, would now be a pure commodity.

After 6 years at the forefront of the small and lower mid cap leverage loan market in Europe, the Kartesia team is convinced the opposite is true in our segment. Properly invested, through tailor made financing solutions offering long term visibility, cash enables our borrowers to restructure their balance sheets, to innovate or to diversify their operations, thereby enabling them to seize significant opportunities after a long and deep crisis. Time is therefore a strategic resource that, by essence, comes at a cost. We thus deploy all our efforts to identify, select, and invest in situations that can best value the time Kartesia offers in exchange of above market returns for our Limited Partners.

In Adding Value, you will see how we do our best to help our clients at each stage of their companies’ life. A solution is not only a question of relevance but also a question of timing. You will have the opportunity to sit down with Marie-Pierre Soury, CEO of La Croissanterie and, Anne Saint-Julien, CFO and member of the Executive Committee of Groupe Frères Blanc who share with us what they expect from their financing partners in that respect.

With Portfolio Highlights, we take you to a trip across Europe to discover three transactions executed by the team for which time was a common denominator. We land in France, for the French HMY, the global leader in metal POS. Then, we pay a visit to Germany, for a Mexican break at Sausalitos, a Tex Mex bar & restaurant chain, extremely popular among youngsters. We end our tour in Eastern Europe with the international publishing expert, EDS.

Lastly, in “Kartesia @ a Glance”, you will find the latest news and key metrics about our firm.

Should you wish to have full access to information on our platform, our strategy, our deals or our team, do not hesitate to visit our 2.0 website which is released concomitantly to this first newsletter.

Welcome to Insight Kartesia and, happy reading.