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Laying Foraco’s foundations for the future

Foraco, a leading global mineral drilling services company facing the challenges of industry-wide overcapacity

Speeding up Aten Oil's build-up strategy

In October 2017, Kartesia supported an opportunistic acquisition that enabled Aten Oil to speed up its build-up strategy.

Aten Oil, a growing presence in the Spanish fuel retail space

2017 Offsite Day: sea, sun and...military training!

Kartesia’s 2017 Offsite Day was a little bit special. It may have taken place in the southern French village of Collioure, but there were no dips in the sea or suntan sessions. Instead, military fatigues and army boots were the order of the day.

Exit : URSA

Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of the Altercap II funds into the senior and mezzanine debt issued by URSA was repaid at par following the sale of the Company to Xella International.

Kartesia gets into the swing with Fine Sounds

In July 2017, KCI IV embarked on one of its largest investments to date, providing over $50 million in refinancing for the Fine Sounds Group.

A world-renowned maker of high-end audio equipment

Insurance software: Kartesia backs Vet+a’s drive to diversify and expand internationally

In May 2017, Kartesia provided a €25 million convertible loan to insurance software group Vet+a.

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