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Succesful disposal of Kufner Group by VMS

In December 2017, Kufner Group was acquired by Austrian private investors, resulting in the exit of Kartesia’s Unitranche investment. We look back at the story behind a successful deal that almost never happened.

Exit CLOs

Kartesia announced today that its KCO III fund sold three CLO Mezzanine positions (Cordatus III, Dartry Park, Arbour I) during the quarter.

Exit : EDS

Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of Altercap I and Altercap II funds into the senior and mezz debt issued by EDS was repaid at par following the sale of the Company to DPE.

New deal : Oakhill VI CLO

Kartesia announced today that its two funds KCO III and KCO IV invested the subordinated notes of Oak Hill European Credit Partners VI as a meaningful minority investor.

A milestone year

Kartesia has enjoyed a milestone year in 2017.

KCO IV makes its first foray into the CLO market

Kartesia is pursuing its strategy of investing opportunistically in the collateralised loan obligation (CLO) market, thereby continuing KCO III investment thesis.

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