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Babcock Wanson
Kartesia is pleased to announce today that the acquisition of Babcock Wanson by French midcap Private Equity firm FCDE (or “Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises”) was completed on July 20th 2016.
Exit : Coventya

Kartesia is pleased to announce today that the investment of Altercap fund II into the senior debt issued by Coventya was fully repaid following the acquisition of the company by European mid-market sponsor Silverfleet Capital from Equistone Partn

KCO III is the exclusive financing partner of Weiler Corporation in the acquisition of SWATYCOMET, a first sponsorless transaction for Kartesia.

In December 2015, Weiler Corporation completed the acquisition of SWATYCOMET, a Slovenian-based European leader in high quality bonded abrasives and technical fabrics.

Jaime Pola
Kartesia Managing Partner Jaime Prieto presented Kartesia’s investment strategy by assessing four theoretical direct lending opportunities, in a panel including BlackRock, Alcentra and Crescent Capital.
The next KCO III Advisory Committee is scheduled for April 22nd 2016. It will take place at Kartesia’s offices in Brussels. The Kartesia 2016 Annual Information Meeting will be held on October 18th at Cercle de Lorraine (Brussels). Upcoming KCO III quarterly reports will be released in June, September and December 2016.
Globe terrestre vert
Kartesia teams up with Sustainalytics to assess the carbon footprint of KCO III portfolio.

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