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Three years ago, Kartesia decided to replace the year-end corporate gift with a donation to a project benefiting underprivileged children. This year we donated to The Refugee Next Door (“RND”). 

The Refugee Next Door ASBL is a Belgian non-profit organization active in Uganda. In 2007, RND started building the St Francis School in the slums of Masese (in Jinja District), with the aim of providing an education to the most vulnerable children and freeing the time of their parents to focus on creating an income for their family. 
Since 2007, they have built an additional new classroom each year. The last class will be finalized this year. This will allow the children to continue on their educational journey from nursery to completing primary school.

With the school growing each year, they welcomed additional children on an annual basis, and they now have 400 pupils. With this increase in size, new latrines became a necessity for the school and Kartesia was delighted to be able to provide the financial support to improve sanitation at St Francis.
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