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KFWI Aleksandra Livinskaia

Kartesia for Women: Aleksandra Livinskaia

Tell me how you came to join Kartesia?
I was looking for a role connected to finance, but not directly in a fund manager. When I applied for the position in the support services team at Kartesia I didn’t think I would necessarily get it as it was the type of job I hoped to get after a few years of experience, so I was thrilled when I was accepted straight after university. Having a supportive role at Kartesia, I’m responsible for monitoring and developing cost accounting of all Kartesia Group companies, overseeing finance automation process and assisting with quarterly and yearly financial reporting. I feel fortunate, being part of a company like Kartesia. 

Did you know much about private debt before joining Kartesia?  
Theoretically I did, as it was part of my studies. But since I had not worked in the industry, it’s only now that I started recognising that in practice there is significantly much more to it. I didn’t have a very deep understanding of how the industry operates from a practical perspective before joining and there is still a lot for me to learn.

What influenced your decision to join Kartesia and I guess by extension the private debt industry?
The role was a big factor, like I said, it was exactly what I hoped for. Moreover, and in answer to why Kartesia specifically, it was the instant rapport I had with my supervisors. It was clear that I would get along with the team and they would be supportive. Seeing significant number of women in various positions at Kartesia was also a very important factor for me and it gave me confidence that my choice is the right one. 

Female are highly represented at Kartesia compared to benchmark. How is Kartesia working on Diversity & Inclusion?
The first point I’d make is that women want to work at Kartesia and are encouraged to apply and join Kartesia. I think that reflects the culture here and the opportunities that are available. Women are represented across the whole business, including the deal team, and there is value placed on their insights, experience and skills. There is an understanding that having a team that is diverse will help having a more rounded and balanced view, and ultimately will make for a more successful business.
Secondly the Kartesia for Women Initiative is really valuable for building confidence in young women in the business, showing them strong role models and providing mentors. The initiative gives a platform for women to come together and discuss issues that affect them specifically and build personal relationships too. We also look outside of our organisation and recognise that we have a role supporting women broadly, for example we’re exchanging with other women clubs in our industry or we’re taking part in a race to support breast cancer awareness – that’s an initiative that brings us together but also has a broader impact. 

What are your aspirations for your role? What do you think your development will look like in the future?
To be honest, I’m just excited with being where I am at the moment, I want to work on my current role and ensure that I’m as reliable and as helpful as possible to my team – I get a lot of fulfilment from knowing that I work well with my colleagues and support the business efficiently. I would like, in time, to develop my skills to be promoted within my team and take up more responsibility. I’m quite certain that I’m on the right path and that this is the career for me.  


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