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The four managing partners

The current crisis faced by the world’s economies, companies and people has been described throughout as “unprecedented”.

Insight Kartesia N°11

Ordinarily we dedicate the bulk of these newsletters to the exciting investments we’re making and provide you additional detail on the businesses that we are working with and supporting.

paving the way
With the festive season and the year-end just a few weeks away, this is a good time to look back over some of the highlights of 2018. For Kartesia, it was a year that brought industry recognition of our decisive approach with a lower mid-market focus, which has driven the alpha delivered to our investors over four fund generations. In fact, KCO III won not one but two Best Direct Lending Fund awards in 2018, beating 30 peers managed by some of Europe’s top managers. 
Investing through the cycle

After being named Lender of the Year in 2016 by Private Debt Investor, a highly regarded magazine within the European private debt industry, Kartesia has come away this year with not one but two prestigious awards: Lender of the Year Europe 2017 a

A milestone year

Kartesia has enjoyed a milestone year in 2017.


Since pioneering pan-European secondary investments in the lower mid-market space in 2009, we have continuously strived to offer investors superior performance while delivering innovative financing solutions to companies.

Flexibility: the best response to short cycles

Recent years have shown that credit markets, notably in Europe, are increasingly subject to short cycles.

Like anyone living and working in Brussels, we were horrified by the terrible attacks on our city in March. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Luckily, none of the Kartesia’s team members nor their families were affected by these attacks.
Dear Limited Partners and Friends, On 21 October, we held Kartesia’s first investor day, during which we discussed the market outlook and presented our 2015 achievements.
Edito partners
Dear Limited Partners and Friends, Let us first share two pieces of good news with you which are, we believe, major milestones in our efforts to build a leading European credit platform with Kartesia.

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