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Kartesia sponsors the education of three children with CAMELEON Association

For the last three years, Kartesia made the decision to replace the corporate year-end gift to employees with the financing of projects benefiting underprivileged children. 
This year, Kartesia decided to partner with CAMELEON, a children’s non-profit active in the Philippines, to sponsor three teenagers through their Education and Development program. Children enrolled in the programme, both boys and girls, are between 10 and 24 years old. They come from underprivileged families and have excellent educational outcomes. They are supported by one sponsor until the end of their studies and benefit, along with their families, from medical and social care from CAMELEON. 
47.5% of the population in the Philippines lives on less than 1.52 €/day. Kartesia believes that, by sponsoring children living in extreme poverty, we offer them the means to build a better future.
Please contact if you would like to sponsor a child with CAMELEON


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