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Enhancing our ESG commitments at Kartesia and investment level

It is with pleasure that we bring you our latest Insight newsletter focusing on CSR, which is an ever-more important feature of the way Kartesia does business. We updated you in our first edition about how we are implementing ESG across our portfolio companies, but it is vital that we as an investor also hold ourselves to account on governance and social issues. To that effect, we are delighted to announce that Kartesia has been a carbon neutral company for the last twelve months through the use of carbon offsetting by partnering with Carbon Footprint Ltd. Kartesia worked with this fantastic organisation to assess its carbon emissions and develop a programme of carbon offsetting which involved selecting projects that provide vital reforestation in Kenya and South America. For each tonne of CO2 that needs to be offset, one native tree is planted in the Great Rift Valley and a contribution is made to the Brazilian Amazon Verified Carbon Standard REDD project, which helps to protect the rainforest and stall the effects of deforestation. Kartesia employees have also been taking a more direct approach to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. In May this year, representatives from our London and Madrid offices worked with non-profit trust Hands on London to assist Divine Rescue with the huge task of relocating and sorting their clothes donations. Divine Rescue is a volunteer-led humanitarian charity aiming to provide support for the homeless and people in crisis and the clothes sorted by our dedicated team will go a long way to helping these vulnerable groups of people. We are also committed to working with the UN PRI to develop some key concepts for responsible investment in the private debt markets and as part of our collaboration, contributed to the inaugural report titled “Spotlight on Responsible Investment in Private Debt”, published earlier this year. We look forward to further collaboration with the UN PRI as the industry works towards a more responsible future. Included in this edition of Insights is further social and environmental initiatives taken by three of our most exciting investments, CC Gruppe, Cromology and GroGlass. CC Gruppe represents the first investment from Kartesia Senior Opportunities I (KSO I), the newly raised senior-lending fund, and the company has an impressive 50 years’ experience in recycling. Cromology is a global player in decorative painting, implementing local initiatives to support associations and to encourage a social economy. GroGlass is one of our awardwinning investments and an excellent example of Kartesia’s good investment practices, which you will be able to read all about in the upcoming edition of Creditflux! Yet more evidence of Kartesia’s role as one of the leading credit solutions for Europe’s SMEs.


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