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EDS writes a new chapter in its history

The acquisition of Euro-Druckservice GmbH (EDS) by Deutsche Private Equity (DPE), a private equity fund, from funds advised by Kartesia illustrates how Kartesia assisted a company that was hard hit by the 2009 financial crisis to get back on track

Exit : EDS

Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of Altercap I and Altercap II funds into the senior and mezz debt issued by EDS was repaid at par following the sale of the Company to DPE.

Thomas Pohler
Already a part of EDS’s debt pool, Kartesia became the major lender of the company in December 2015, after purchasing roughly €45 million of senior debt and €27m of subordinated debt from two banks.
TRANSACTION N°1 – HMY Transaction Review In September 2013, shortly after its creation, Kartesia approved an investment in HMY’s LBO senior debt. With total sales of over 400€ million in 2013, this company headquartered in France is amongst the leaders in shelving equipment, checkout counters and point-of-purchase material. HMY provides its clients with worldwide services ranging from, conception and design, to in-store installation.