Specialist provider of credit solutions
Specialist provider of credit solutions


Kartesia is pursuing its strategy of investing opportunistically in the collateralised loan obligation (CLO) market, thereby continuing KCO III investment thesis. In July, KCO IV closed its first CLO deal by acquiring the majority of the subordinated notes of BNP Paribas AM 2017 CLO, a new European CLO vehicle.

Finding the best deal on a favourable CLO market

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In October 2017, Kartesia supported an opportunistic acquisition that enabled Aten Oil to speed up its build-up strategy.

Aten Oil, a growing presence in the Spanish fuel retail space

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In May 2017, Kartesia provided a €25 million convertible loan to insurance software group Vet+a. Investment Manager Tomás Neuhaus, who handled the deal alongside Founding Partner Jaime Prieto, describes how the Spanish company leverages technology to serve insurance companies.

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We are pleased to welcome Laura Martinez, who joins Kartesia offices in Madrid. Her role as Operating Director will include attendance to meetings of the Board of Directors of some portfolio companies, assistance to the execution team of Kartesia on the due diligence of new investment opportunities and helping Kartesia and the management team of portfolio companies in its monitoring.

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Kartesia’s 2017 Offsite Day was a little bit special. It may have taken place in the southern French village of Collioure, but there were no dips in the sea or suntan sessions. Instead, military fatigues and army boots were the order of the day. All the Kartesia team members went on a four-day course provided by St-Cyr Executive Education at a military base. Focusing on team efficiency and leadership skills, the course included simulation challenges with gradually increasing complexity, with close monitoring by an ex-military mentor.

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On 15 September, the whole Kartesia team gathered at the Brussels office to kickstart the new academic year with the first-ever Kartesia Procedures Day. As the group grows – seven new people joined the team in 2017 and new offices are opening in Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt – ensuring efficient coordination across all the offices and amongst all the team members is an increasing challenge.

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  • On 17 October, Kartesia welcomed its Limited Partners at Cercle de Lorraine in Brussels to discuss KCO III and KCO IV performances and provide market and deal flow updates. Guest speakers included Hans Bever, Chief Economist at Degroof Petercam, and Cyril Fournier-Montjieux, President of Babcok Wanson.
  • The Kartesia Christmas Party will take place on 14th December in Paris.
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Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of the Altercap II funds into the senior and mezzanine debt issued by URSA was repaid at par following the sale of the Company to Xella International. Headquartered in Madrid, URSA is a leading European thermal and acoustic insulation manufacturer aimed at increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, targeting both new constructions and renovations. With approximately €500m turnover, URSA produces glass wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) across 13 plants scattered all over Europe, including Russia.

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