Specialist provider of credit solutions
Specialist provider of credit solutions

Kartesia is pursuing its strategy of investing opportunistically in the collateralised loan obligation (CLO) market, thereby continuing KCO III investment thesis. In July, KCO IV closed its first CLO deal by acquiring the majority of the subordinated notes of BNP Paribas AM 2017 CLO, a new European CLO vehicle.

Finding the best deal on a favourable CLO market

Fri 27 October 2017 by tina | Tags: BNP IP, CLO, KCO IV

Since pioneering pan-European secondary investments in the lower mid-market space in 2009, we have continuously strived to offer investors superior performance while delivering innovative financing solutions to companies. 

Wed 24 May 2017 by tina | Tags: CLO, Award

In December 2016, Kartesia became one of the first European collateralised loan obligation (CLO) investors to lead a full reset of one of its majority-held CLOs, Euro-Galaxy III. The deal illustrates the appropriateness of Kartesia’s investment strategy for the CLO market, which is based around being a proactive and opportunistic investor. 

Wed 24 May 2017 by tina | Tags: CLO

Kartesia is pleased to announce that the investment of the KCO III fund into the B Notes of the CLO vehicle Newhaven I have been fully refinanced and we were repaid at par.

Wed 15 February 2017 by tina | Tags: Newhaven I, KCO III, exit, CLO

Kartesia is pleased to announce the successful reset of the Eurogalaxy III CLO managed by PineBridge Investments Europe Limited (Pinebridge) - one of the very first transaction of its kind in Europe. Given the majority stake in the Subordinated Notes that KCO III acquired in March 2016, Kartesia actively participated in that process, alongside arranger JP Morgan and Pinebridge.

Sun 15 January 2017 by Kartesia | Tags: KCO III, Sorrento Park, Eurogalaxy, CLO

Since June 2015 and its first investment in a collateralised loan obligation (CLO) vehicle, Kartesia has come a long way. Read on for an update on Kartesia’s achievements and latest strategy.


Over €70 million invested in the space of a year

Wed 2 November 2016 by Kartesia | Tags: KCO III, CLO

At Kartesia, we are constantly monitoring the syndicated loan market investment opportunities to deliver the best possible value to our investors.

Tue 1 December 2015 by Kartesia | Tags: KCOIII, CLO