Specialist provider of credit solutions
Specialist provider of credit solutions

Jaime Prieto, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Kartesia, was invited to speak at this year’s SuperReturn conference (26 February – 1 March). The annual event, held at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, brings together over 2,500 participants, including institutional investors, private equity and private debt fund managers.

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Kartesia Managing Partner Jaime Prieto presented Kartesia’s investment strategy by assessing four theoretical direct lending opportunities, in a panel including BlackRock, Alcentra and Crescent Capital.

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Interviewed by Private Debt Investor’s Rachel McGovern, Kartesia Managing Partner Jaime Prieto analysed the Spanish lending landscape, revealing where the most appealing investment opportunities lie in the credit market. 

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At Kartesia we try to be more than a typical lender by reviewing new business opportunities with our clients. As a credit platform operating in France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria, we enjoy a deep network of top managers and experts and we ensure our clients make the most of it.

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Transaction Review

In September 2013, shortly after its creation, Kartesia approved an investment in HMY’s LBO senior debt. With total sales of over 400€ million in 2013, this company headquartered in France is amongst the leaders in shelving equipment, checkout counters and point-of-purchase material. HMY provides its clients with worldwide services ranging from, conception and design, to in-store installation.

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