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Kartesia delivers a merry Christmas to the kids at La Pouponnière

Kartesia gave Father Christmas a little help at the end of last year to make sure that the kids at the Maison d’Enfants Reine Marie-Henriette children’s residential facility enjoyed a magical Christmas in 2017. Kartesia took the budget earmarked for its staff Christmas gifts and turned it over to La Pouponnière, which is the part of the facility that looks after very young children. This helped to pay for gifts for the 32 young residents, who found presents from their Santa lists waiting for them under the Christmas tree.

La Pouponnière, which is based in Brussels, takes in children aged six and under whose families are unable to look after them. It seeks to provide a safe and stable home for each of its residents, respecting their individuality, origins and providing them with the care and support that they need.

For more information, go to http://www.lafleche14.be/fr/les-6-services/5-la-pouponniere


Fri 13 April 2018
 by tina |