Added value

Relationship Driven Capital
We never build our initial investment cases on “loan to own” or other aggressive scenarios. Investments are generally held to maturity and we aim to act as a responsible investor.

New Money Solution Provider
We have considerable experience in customising our solutions for a variety of financial situations and cater for the liquidity requirements of our stakeholders.

Extensive Professional Network
We have direct and unique access to a large, specialist network comprised of present and former management teams of corporates, banks, private equity funds, industry experts, advisors and law firms. This network assists us in developing a customised liquidity solution for mid-sized corporates, where available up-to-date information may be limited.

Reliable and responsive decision process
Our streamlined investment process, direct involvement of our Executive Committee members throughout the transaction and proximity to the markets in which we invest ensures a constructive and responsive dialogue with our counterparties.

Entrepreneurial spirit
The investment team is led by professionals – our four managing partners have been working together for over 8 years when founding Kartesia. Together, they provide an outstanding hands-on entrepreneurial spirit with blue-chip experience and strong credit skills.

Strong and consistent track record
Kartesia Advisor LLP continues to advise the Altercap I and II funds, which have delivered very strong and consistent performances.